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  • Uqbar



  • Quicksilver Zone

    Quicksilver Zone

    Quicksilver: The Cosmos Liquid Staking Zone

  • Ubik Capital

    Ubik Capital

  • Interchain Foundation

    Interchain Foundation

    The ICF (https://interchain.io/) is the Swiss foundation funding and pushing the frontiers of blockchain-related infrastructure.

  • Xavier Meegan

    Xavier Meegan

    Research @ Chorus One

  • Meher Roy

    Meher Roy

    Internet of Money enthusiast

  • Felix Lutsch

    Felix Lutsch

    Chief Commercial Officer @ChorusOne. @FelixLts on Twitter. @StakingEconomy.

  • Brian Fabian Crain

    Brian Fabian Crain

    Co-founder & CEO of @chorusone. Co-founder/host at entrepreneur @epicenterbtc

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